Positioning speed

120 m/min

Positioning accuracy

0,05 mm (Z axis 0,008 mm)

Z axis movement

300 mm

15 m/s2

Maximum table load
Maximum power

450 kg/m2

30 kW

We recommend

Laser cutter

AP series

AP series laser cutting devices are characterized by high dynamics and the highest cutting accuracy among thermal technology. AP - laser cutter, closed, with an interchangeable table, designed for cutting flat sheets in the range of 0.5 - 50 mm. The device has been prepared to work with a laser resonator with a power of 1.5 - 30 kW.

Professional cutters

of CNC machines

We have a highly developed production line, equipped with modern machinery. We are a manufacturer of sources, tables, filter fans, burners, controls, and even motors and servo drives.

Laser cutters


A leader in the laser cutter industry

550 machines

installed in Poland

100 %

satisfied customers

24 months

full warranty

up to 48 hours

service response time

  • Zębowice 32J 59-411 Paszowice POLSKA

AEP headquarters

Our headquarters was built in 2017 in Lower Silesia in the town of Jawor. Its location allows for very efficient communication with our clients in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Currently, it is 1500 m2 of total area, which includes a fully equipped showroom with 5 machines prepared for demonstrations, training or technological research.

By visiting our company, you can see for yourself the exceptional quality and efficiency of cutting or welding, often directly on the production details.

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