Min. / Max. pipe / profile length

100 – 12000 mm

Max. profile cross-section

500 x 500 mm

Min. diameter of a round pipe
Min. / Max. pipe diameter

10 mm

10 – 150 / 230 / 350 / 500 mm

Max. weight of the cut element
Max. system load

30 kg/m

3000 kg

Laser cutter

APP series

The APP series machine is a device dedicated exclusively to the processing of round pipes, open and closed profiles.

A rich base of optional elements

The device is standardly available in a manual version (individual side loading). However, this system has a very rich database of optional elements that will turn the APP into a fully automated unit with a feeder, synchronized loading and automatic recognition of the shape and size of the element to be cut.

The control system will automatically select the appropriate program from the internal database that matches the loaded profile.

The waste-free cutting system, which consists of four handles, is available as an option. The version with three handles (optional) allows processing of the profile along its full length, leaving only 100 mm of waste.

AP 12035P

Basic parameters


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