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Automatic metal sheet loading system – Loader 3015

Loader 3015 is an automatic system for loading sheet metal onto the laser cutting table and unloading the laser cutting table from the cut elements. The main elements of the machine are simultaneously working modules - loading and unloading.

Loader 3015 enables loading of raw sheet metal with a maximum size of 3 m x 1.5 m and a thickness of up to 25 mm. The loading module equipped with a set of vacuum suction cups, a dedicated system for separating and separating sheet metal and a sheet thickness measurement system, delivers single sheets to the laser cutting table.

The unloading module includes two-piece forks (optionally equipped with movable belts) that take cut elements from the cutting table and place them on a shelf or pallet. The full unloading and loading cycle time does not exceed 75 seconds. The design of the Loader 3015 does not limit access to the laser cutting table. If necessary, it enables loading sheet metal directly onto the laser cutting table, manually or using a forklift.

In order to make maximum use of the capabilities of the laser cutting machine, the Loader 3015 loading and unloading system can be integrated with an automatic sheet metal warehouse (e.g. MonoTower®, TwinTower®), increasing the efficiency of the processing process, quick access to many assortments of sheet metal and storage of cut details.

Advantages of the solution:
  • automatic loading and unloading of the laser cutting table,
  • short work cycle of Loader 3015 – the full cycle (loading and unloading) takes less than 75 s,
  • possibility of storing many types of sheet metal on the shelves (including stainless steel),
  • storing cut details on shelves,
  • universal shelves are intended for storing raw sheet metal and cut details,
  • shelf loading height control system,
  • managing the position of shelves depending on the measured height (overload control).
  • significant increase in efficiency (up to 100%) and maximization of the operation of the laser cutter (increased efficiency),
  • planning, management and optimization of the cutting process (increasing efficiency),
  • reducing the number of staff required to operate the cutting machine (cost reduction),
  • increased work safety (reduction of costs and risk of accidents).
Technical data:

Loader 3015 - automatic loading and unloading system

External dimensions
Height 3 200 mm
Width 9 200 mm
Depth 4 900 mm
Maximum sheet size
Length 3 000 mm
Width 1 500 mm
Shelf load capacity 900 kg
Other Parameters
Weight (without material) 5 000 kg
Minimum required floor strength 3,0 MPa
Cycle time 75 s
Maximum air consumption 2 800 l/min
Minimum required compressed air pressure 7 bar
Electrical power 7,5 kW
Power supply 400 V
Technical description:
  • automatic loading of raw metal sheets onto the laser cutting table with dimensions of 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm, 2,000 mm x 1,000 mm, 2,500 mm x 1,250 mm, 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm, thickness from 0.5 mm to 25 mm.
  • automatic unloading of elements cut from the laser cutting table onto a pallet located on a movable frame,
  • separate drives for the loading and unloading system, both systems work simultaneously,
  • loading device - suction cup system, sheet separating system and thickness measurement sheets, is located on a movable frame moving on rails,
  • unloading device – two-piece extendable forks (for receiving cut elements)
    moving in a vertical plane (optionally equipped with movable straps).
Loading a sheet of metal onto the laser cutting table:
  • the pallet with sheets is placed on a fixed frame,
  • the suction cup system is lowered, separation is made and one sheet of metal is taken,
  • the suction cup system lifts up,
  • sheet thickness is measured,
  • a movable frame with a sheet of metal held by a system of suction cups moves over the laser cutting table,
  • the suction cup system lowers the sheet and places it on the laser cutting table,
  • the movable frame moves away from the laser cutting table,
  • the tables in the laser cutting machine are replaced and the cutting process begins.
Unloading cut elements from the laser cutting table:
  • the cut details are located on the table of the laser cutting machine,
  • the unloading forks extend beyond the laser cutting table and lower themselves below the level of the details located on the cutting table (grate),
  • the unloading forks slide into the space of the laser cutting table,
  • the unloading forks rise above the laser cutting table,
  • the movable frame passes over the laser cutting table,
  • movable forks lower over the pallet,
  • movable forks move beyond the pallet,
  • details fall onto the pallet,
  • a movable frame moves away from the laser cutting table.
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