WT-C laser cleaner

The WT-C2000 Laser Cleaner is a device designed to remove rust from metal surfaces.

It uses high-intensity laser radiation to precisely and effectively remove rust.

The basic element of the blasting machine is a 2 kW laser resonator that emits light pulses concentrated on a small spot on the surface.

Surface cleaning is divided into several stages:

  • the laser is directed by the cleaning head to the area to be cleaned
  • rust absorbs the energy emitted by the laser, which causes it to heat up and finally evaporate
  • rust is removed as dust
  • the cleaned metal surface becomes visible.

The laser removal method has many advantages over conventional cleaning (e.g. sandblasting)

The main industries that use this technology to clean their details/elements include: automotive industry, shipbuilding, aviation, steel structures, oil industry and companies dealing with maintenance or renovation of machines or structures. Although, in our opinion, they will be used everywhere where steel is processed.


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