Software 8000 / 5000 / 9100

The operating system managing our machines was selected for the highest ergonomics and ease of use.

FSCUT version 8000 is a controller with the highest parameters and functionality on the market. This control can operate machines equipped with all optional functions and drives up to 400 m/min and 5G acceleration. Its (8000) greatest advantages include functions such as:

The 9-step piercing process helps to reduce burning into the edge of the material and protects consumable parts (protective glass and nozzle) when piercing through thicker materials.

Secondary cutting is available when cutting continuous material. With the option enabled, the controller monitors the cutting quality and, in the event of loss of the cutting path, automatically returns the head to the path break point and repeats the cutting from that point.

SMART puncture allows you to effectively penetrate the material in a shorter time than controllers without this option. This option saves time and costs. Key head components undergo less degradation and generate greater service life. The smart function also results in a smaller mark on the edge of the cut element.

Tracing the cutting path during the "shared edge" function reduces the need to break through while cutting. This function has a very positive effect on the protection of the lower protective glass, reducing its wear by 50% when using this technology.

Additionally, version 8000 enables:

  • monitoring the temperature of protective lens chambers
  • monitoring the wear of the focusing and collimating lenses
  • access to a global database of cutting parameters
  • control of all cutting parameters (including gas parameters)
  • control of extraction sections
  • cutting without a trace
  • on-the-fly cutting
Version 5000 – APP and APR devices

Software for controlling APP and APR series machines. The 5000 version allows us to equip our machines with additional functionality, such as SWING head cutting, a three- or even four-handle system, or automated loading and unloading.

Version 9100 – AP device in 3D version

Software used in AP series flat surface cutting machines that are equipped with a miter cutting head. The main advantages of this version are:

The software collects data on the material and its height in real time, adjusting the position of the head to the ideal position during cutting. The compensation option allows you to obtain the perfect dimension regardless of thermal deformations.

Calibration in the video version
The system is used to precisely determine the position of the head in 5 axes. This solution is particularly important when cutting welding phases of the Y, X and K types. Quick calibration and head operation are the basis for a well-functioning device and a guarantee of the dimensions of the detail.

Editing parameters
Full editing of all parameters used for miter cutting. This tool allows you to design complex shapes containing interrupted cutting paths and extended chamfering paths. Proper selection of parameters is a guarantee of effective 3D cutting.

3D nesting
Nesting software containing full functionality and parameters for 3D cutting enables cooperation with Tekla or Tribon software. The combination of design programs with the chamfering system provides very high execution efficiency and allows human errors to be reduced to a minimum.

Cutting the bottom edge
The system allows the design of cutting the lower edge at an angle after cutting it perpendicularly. This solution saves material, which is extremely important when cutting thick materials (over 20 mm) and when cutting high or low X, Y or K welding phases.

Cutting convex elements
The software has the ability to generate a full three-dimensional mesh of a spatial element, which allows you to obtain an image of the cutting path for a convex element such as a bottom.


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